May/June 2020


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Surviving COVID-19

Keeping retina patients, staff, and physicians safe

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Medical Editors’ Page

The Crisis Continues

By Allen C. Ho, MD; and Robert L. Avery, MD


Presumed Tenofovir Toxicity

A patient’s medication history led to retinal atrophy and other findings.

By Navneet Mehrotra, MBBS, DNB, FRF; Manish Nagpal, MBBS, MS, FRCS; and Sham Talati, DO

Donut-Shaped Subhyaloidal Hemorrhage

The peculiar shape led to the preservation of good vision.

By Sebastian M. Waldstein, MD, PhD; Ji Li, MBBS; and Adrian T. Fung, MBBS, MMED, FRANZCO


OCT Angiography in Nonexudative Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Will this imaging modality lead to better assessment of patients with dry eye disease?

By Luísa S.M. Mendonça, MD; and Caroline R. Baumal, MD

Real-World Injection Intervals in Wet AMD

Aided by a large database, researchers explore treatment patterns with anti-VEGF agents.

By Mathew W. MacCumber, MD, PhD

Photobiomodulation as a Treatment in Dry AMD

Doctors and patients have found this new mode of therapy beneficial.

By Hakan Kaymak, MD; and Hartmut Schwahn, PhD


Every Millimeter Counts for Nevus Transformation Into Malignant Melanoma

A summary of my 2019 Wendell L. Hughes Lecture.

By Carol L. Shields, MD


Lessons for Future Attendings

Answers to questions about managing surgical complications and teaching trainees.

Interview by Nimesh Patel, MD; and Nicolas Yannuzzi, MD; With Jayanth Sridhar, MD


Controlling Flares in Chronic Noninfectious Uveitis

Two fluocinolone acetonide formulations—a newly approved one and a familiar one—offer options for long-term inflammation control.

By Stephen D. Anesi, MD, FACS; and Peter Y. Chang, MD


The Mother of Invention: Making Custom Equipment in Syria

Developing a custom-made needle for suprachoroidal steroid injections in Syria.

By Ameen Marashi, MD; and Benjamin J. Thomas, MD


How COVID-19 May Change the Future of Retina Practice

When we think of what the future may hold, it behooves us to think from a public health perspective.

By Rahul Reddy, MD, MHS

Open Globe Injury in COVID-19 Patient: Lessons Learned

Special precautions are required to safely and quickly treat patients with potential infection.

By Vamsee Neerukonda, MD; Kevin Rosenberg, MD; and Patrick Oellers, MD

Literature Review: Eye Care in the Era of COVID-19

Two studies have implications for improving the safety of patients and providers during the current pandemic.

By Cara E. Capitena Young, MD; and Malik Y. Kahook, MD

Curbing Our Enthusiasm for Telemedicine and Deciding on Treatments During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way we think about telemedicine and treatment decisions. Is retina ready for telemedicine? How much have treatment decisions actually changed?

By David A. Eichenbaum, MD

Telehealth Implementation in Retina Practices During COVID-19

Retina specialists can use this time to gather information about the feasibility of teleophthalmology consultations.

By Edward S. Lu, BA; S.K. Steven Houston III, MD; Ehsan Rahimy, MD; and John B. Miller, MD

Convention Updates

Many ophthalmology meetings set to be held this spring have been rescheduled, postponed, or canceled. This list is accurate as of Retina Today’s press date in mid-May.


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